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We have had so many requests for this little goodie that we are offering it as its own stand alone pattern. It comes from a classic issue of our Fresh Vintage magazine and has always been one of our favorite Halloween projects to bring out each year. The wall hanging measures 18" x 18". Brand New Downloadable Mini Pattern
Mini Popsicles

Brand New Downloadable Mini Pattern
Mini Sugar Swirls

Escargot Downloadable
Our Price: $6.95
Brand New Downloadable Mini Pattern
Mini Somersault

Simple Project from Fig Tree & Co. Simple Project from Fig Tree & Co.
Smarties using MODA CANDY PACKS Tootsie Pattern using MODA CANDY PACKS
Smarties Downloadable
Our Price: $6.95
Simple Project from Fig Tree & Co. Quilt pattern by Fig Tree & Company. Quilt pattern by Fig Tree & Company.
Le Radish Quilt Pattern Pear in a Tree Pattern
Le Radish Downloadable
Our Price: $6.95
Quilt pattern by Fig Tree & Company. Quilt pattern by Fig Tree & Company. A great project to make everyday dish towels into a thing of beauty!
Blooms Downloadable
Our Price: $6.95
Three Blind Mice - a great project for you and the kids to enjoy. Plus they make great pin cushions! Retro, traditional or a bit romantic these adorable stockings will brighten any home These blooms are perfect for so many different embellisment from hair to coat lapel to purse to little girl's dress.
Sit Upons Downloadable
Our Price: $6.95
Perfect Box Cushions to take to soccer ganes or use at your dining room table Simple pillows to freshen up any room A sweet scissor roll made using 5 inch squares
A scarf pattern that allows for variations based on style preference
Scarfletts Downloadable
Our Price: $6.95
Posies Downloadable
Our Price: $6.95
A simple scarf for every season These little posies make the perfect embellisment on their own or a plethora of other items including your ahir, little girls dresses, purses, coats, jean jackets or on their own in a vase! A little's girls dress made using a jelly roll and a little girl's t-shirt
These charming little cell phone covers make wonderful gifts or goodies for you and all your friends Sweet little cake pincushions for every use Adorable little bags for every ocassion
Scrappy Flower Pincushions
Super simple slippers for all ages A simple play or painting smock Scrappu Flower Pincusions
Hazel the Hedgehog Life Savers
Life Savers Dowloadable
Our Price: $6.95
A wraparound jelly roll apron A great project when you are wanting a simple "take along" item to go with you as you work. A bit of applique and needlework embellish a plain flour sack towel to brighten and add a bit of charming personality to any kitchen Another fun addition to our "Candy"series, these simple pinwheel blocks become swirling life savers with a little sewing magic!