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Ponte Vecchio Block of the Month: PROGRAM FULL
Ponte Vecchio Block of the Month: PROGRAM FULL

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Monthly Fee: $29.70

One Time Membership Fee $9.42

Availability: PROGRAM FULL. Email for the WAIT LIST.

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Welcome to Our Latest MYSTERY Adventure for 2025...
Introducing the PONTE VECCHIO

If you order anything else along with this order, it will be separated out and shipped now and charged for extra shipping separately. It is possible that we will need to cancel your order.It makes our job twice as hard when this order is not on its own.
Thanks for helping us out!

This newest of our BOM adventures Ponte Vecchio is 100% inspired by our travels to Tuscany last summer. It is prounounced " ponte vekio"... if you say it with a fun Italian accent it is even more fun to say!
We had the amazing opportunity to visit the Tuscany region of Italy to pick up our middle son from an abroad program in Florence. It was magical. We soaked up the sun, the food, the cobblestone streets and the Tuscan vibe of the little towns. Almost instantly a quilt took shape in my brain. Based on the famous "Ponte Vecchio" bridge in Florence, this quilt will be made mostly in our PORTOFINO collection for that warm late summer vibe of the collection. It will have lots of houses and buildings, soft classic blocks, and a few specialty nods to Tuscany. The program will include a special COMMEMORATIVE enamel pin.

* Program will include everything to complete the top.
• Most blocks will be traditional, classic blocks inspired by vintage quilts mixed in with some creative "thematic" blocks to create our Tuscan village.
• Over the year, you will receive over 16 yards of fabulous MODA fabric, with enough leftover to surely make an entire other project
with all of those yummy leftovers. This year you will receive some of almost EVERY PIECE of the PORTOFINO collection as well as additional prints from other collections to round out the palette.

• The blocks will be a mix of some of our favorite Fig Tree blocks and patterns as well as other classic, traditional blocks as always. The sizes of the blocks will vary from 5" to 18" and the final layout will be a fabulous interesting classic sampler feel with lots of wonderful filler blocks and that Fig tree vintage flavor! We have added in a bunch of our favorite cream prints so that the stronger fabrics have plenty of room to breath and sparkle! Given the theme this year, there will for sure be a variety of HOUSES, A CHURCH, AUTUMNAL FRUIT, TREES. The feel of this sampler will be a Fig Tree village in tone and flavor... think cobblestone streets, small quaint houses mixed with potted olive trees and autumnally colored vines around the outside.

• Each month you will be making a set of blocks in a variety of sizes to create the classic sampler feel... I cannot wait to see it all come together with you all!

All of the block and border piecing will be in our straight forward signature SEW & FLIP method, using simple squares and rectangles to make more intricate blocks, with no templates, special rulers or techniques needed. As often is the case with our programs, a bit of applique might be involved but if you have done our samplers before you know that the applique is small and only used as an accent [think basket handles or a few leaves here and there].

• There is no official size but our mystery samplers are usually in the high 60"s/low 70"s x low/high 70"s when finished.


By clicking on the purchase button you agree to the following terms and conditions.

• The project is going to start in January 2025 and goes for 12 months through to next January 2026 [we skip November for our annual Christmas event and to give everyone a little breather during the holidays].

The cost is the one time registration fee of $9.42 when you sign up plus $29.70 each month + shipping for 12 months.

• The program and membership fee CANNOT be cancelled. PLEASE BE READY TO COMMIT FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR BEFORE YOU SIGN UP. PLEASE DO NOT ASK US TO SWITCH OR CHANGE YOUR BOM BECAUSE YOU CHANGED YOUR MIND :-). Please do not sign up and then ask us to cancel. We plan and purchase based on your subscription. If you are not sure that this is in your budget, we please ask you not to sign up for the year!

Thank you so much for taking your subscription seriously. CANCELLATION FEES OF UP TO $30 WILL APPLY IF EMERGENCY CANCELLATION IS REQUIRED. THIS APPLIES TO DUPLICATE ORDERS AS WELL. Cancellations will also affect our ability to offer you future program spots.

• Please make sure that if you move your address, you contact us directly. Just changing it online will not be sufficient to change your shipment from shipping to the old address. Since it is a recurring shipment, the system will keep shipping it to your old address unless you contact us directly. We cannot be responsible for shipments that get sent to an old address unless we speak to you directly via phone or email.

PLEASE NOTE that we have had to institute a $15 per declined charge handling fee due to the enormous amount of declines and back end work that declines create for us. We highly recommend that you use a credit card with an ample amount for your sign ups and not a debit card or a card that needs to have funds reloaded.

• Due to the way that Paypal processes its shipments, Paypal is not an option with a recurring shipment such as this one. No Gift Certificates can be used. Only Visa or Mastercard are options for the BOM programs.

• U.S. shipping will be $9.00 per month, but can change based on price increases from USPS. Please note that we charge what the post office charges and are at their mercy for shipping costs.

• Today when you sign up, YOU WILL ONLY BE CHARGED THE REG. FEE OF $9.42. THIS REG. FEE WILL BE YOUR SIGN UP COMMITMENT FOR THE YEAR. The first monthly fee will be charged to your card in January 2025 and then every month for a total of 12 months.

Canada shipping will be approximately $30 EVERY THREE MONTHS. Our POLICY for all international customers is that we hold 3 of your monthly packages and ship every 3 months to make the shipping more affordable to you!

All other international countries are not available at this time due to either VAT restrictions or extremely high shipping costs. If you are a regular international BOM customer with us, please contact us via email before signing up.

Please note that if the US Postal Service changes its postal rates during the year, we will need to update ours to reflect that change. We also really want to apologize for the crazy international shipping. We only use USPS flat rate.