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Figs & Friends Collaboration 2021
Figs & Friends Collaboration 2021


Bi-Monthly Fee: $49.75

One Time Membership Fee $5.23

Availability: Pre-Order

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WHAT: This program was a great hit the first year we did it and so we are doing it again this year. Welcome to Figs & Friends! Every 2 months we will offer a fabulous little combination bundle of Fig Tree fabrics and another favorite MODA designer [or sometimes even 2] to make up a fabulous new and unique fabric palette. Each palette will be 2-3 colors, some of ours and some of theirs to create something new and fabulous. We cannot wait to see some of the beauties that we will come up with when we put 2 of us together!

WHEN: Starting in May, 2021 and continuing every two months for a year [6 total bundles for the annual program.

INCLUDES: (16) 1/4 yds. fabric prints for a total of 4 yards of fabric plus a pattern that would be a good suggestion for these fabrics for the blocks. The pattern is just there as a complementary option… you can of course do anything you like witH the fabric bundle as it will be a great palette to start so many different projects!

OTHER INFO: The bundle is just a fabric bundle, not a kit. Borders and background will be suggested if you want to make the pattern included look exactly like ours but they will not be included in the bundle.

PALETTES: The six partnerships are TBD and a mystery at this point but a few fabric combinations that will for sure be included this year: creams & pinks, corals & olives, creamy neutrals and more!

Photos shown are some of this year's bundles.


• For 12 months starting in May 2021, every other month we will send you a yummy bundle of fabric as well as the complimentary pattern that is our suggestion.

• Backgrounds and borders, etc for your chosen quilt will not be included, just the ¼ yd. bundle. We will of course let you know what you will need to finish the complimentary pattern.

• The cost is $49.75 every other month for 6 bi-monthly shipments.

• THE PROGRAM IS ANNUAL AND IT CANNOT BE CANCELLED AT ANY TIME. Please think about it and commit to the entire program before you push the button. WE CANNOT SAY THIS ENOUGH TIMES... PLEASE BE SURE YOU ARE COMMITTED FOR THE FULL 12 MONTHS BEFORE YOU SIGN UP. We place all fabric orders based on your subscription and your spot cannot be cancelled mid program.

• Please make sure that if you move your address, you contact us directly. Just changing it online will not be sufficient to change your shipment from shipping to the old address. Since it is a recurring shipment, the system will keep shipping it to your old address unless you contact us directly. We cannot be responsible for shipments that get sent to an old address unless we speak to you directly via phone or email.

• Due to the way that Paypal processes its shipments, paypal is not an option with a recurring shipment such as this one. Only Visa or Mastercard are options for the BOM program.

• PLEASE DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING ELSE IN THE SAME ORDER AS YOUR BOM. If you order anything else along with this order, it will be separated out and shipped now with whatever additional shipping is needed.

  • U.S. shipping will be $7.50 per month.
  • Canada shipping will be $24.95 per month.
  • International shipping will be $34.95 per month.

Please note that if the US Postal Service changes its postal rates during the year, we will need to update ours to reflect that change.
We also really want to apologize for the crazy international shipping. We only use USPS flat rate services and are at the mercy of the post office. We are sorry for that!