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A Lesson In Creams Bundle
A Lesson In Creams Bundle

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So every single day I get at least a few questions and emails about what cream and ivory solids I use and recommend. So I thought I would take a minute to share some thoughts with you guys about the solid cream fabrics we use on a daily basis as well as this test bundle. Each ivory color is a little bit different, plays just a little bit different with the prints around it and we like it for different reasons. Whenever we have the fabric available, we always use the printed cream that comes with the collection because it has a wonderful tone and a beautiful hand, meaning it just feels scrumptious. But often times the printed cream fabric runs out and we use standard solid fabrics [not printed].
Here are my favorites from whitest to creamiest, from the top [all MODA fabrics]:
BELLA OFF WHITE: The whitest of our choices. Crisp with a slight ivory tone. Have used it more lately for our crisper, Spring palette. [matches Chantilly]
BELLA EGGSHELL: A classic choice. A tiny bit of grey mixed in to tone it down.Personlly we don't use this one very often but it an industry favorite.
BELLA IVORY: What we use 85% of the time. Love it for the best match to most of our fabrics.
BELLA SNOW: The creamiest we use. Perfect for warm, cream based prints and quilts. Was the base of many of our earlier collections.
ELLA & OLLIE PRINTED CREAM: Released with Ella & Ollie, one of our Spring collections, this is a printed fabric with a light, ivory feel. Similar to other creams released with our spring collections.
CHESTNUT PRINTED CREAM: Released with our CHESTNUT collection, this is a printed cream fabric with a slightly warm, autumn creaminess to it. Perfect with most of our autumn collections. Similar to other creams released with our autumn collections.
Note: We know that there is a MODA cream solid that is called Fig Tree Cream. We don't actually use that particular fabric. It is closer to the creams we used to work with 10 years ago or so. It has a slight grey tone to it and is good to match with reproductions and other darker fabrics.
Bundle includes (6) 1/2 yd. cuts of MODA creams and ivory prints. Special price so you can see and play with the different choices or simply use as a reference. We recommend you mark all of your fabrics the minute they arrive and before you take the bundle apart. All would look wonderful together in any low volume scrappy quilt!