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Hazel & Plum FAT QUARTER Bundle
Hazel & Plum FAT QUARTER Bundle

Total Bundle Price $129.00

After $38.70 deposit your monthly cost is $22.58

Your Deposit is Your June Payment. Monthly payments will occur in July, August, Sept, Oct

The monthly fee includes a nominal "signature confirmation" cost to protect your purchase

Availability: Pre-Order Kit - Ships in October

Description SIZE(S)

Those of you who have been on this journey with me for a while, already know that autumn is by far my favorite season. The scents and the colors of autumn flood my imagination with so many feelings and ideas and the inspiration just keeps coming and it speaks fabric to me! In this newest collection for MODA fabrics, I have brought back a few of my all time favorite fall flavored prints and added in some new favorites to round out the colors and the prints. I am so happy to introduce you to HAZEL & PLUM…. just chock full of autumn yumminess!!


A lovely bundle full of a fat quarter of every single fabric in the HAZEL & PLUM collection, a bundle is the perfect way to get to play with a bit of every single one of these yummy designs- all the taupes, creams, plums, apple greens, golden yellow, aquas and the best tomato reds around! Purchase of this bundle comes with ONE FREE FIG TREE PATTERN OF YOUR CHOICE. ADD YOUR CHOICE TO THE ORDER COMMENTS SECTIONS OF YOUR ORDER. THAT IS THE ONLY WAY WE WILL BE ABLE TO INCLUDE IT WITH YOUR ORDER SO DON’T FORGET TO ADD IT DURING THE CHECKOUT PROCESS.


PLEASE DO NOT ORDER OTHER ITEMS ALONG WITH YOUR PRE-ORDER. If you do this, that product will need to be charged extra shipping and shipped to you separately this week. You can of course order multiple kits in one order. If you place multiple pre-order kit orders, please note this in the comments section and if possible we will try to combine them for you and save you shipping fees at the time of shipping.

*** if you order several or all of the kits and due to insurance issues we need to ship your kit order via UPS, there will possibly be some additional shipping charges***

• Pre-ordering a kit is like signing up for a special lay away program here at Fig Tree. We charge you up front for a portion of the kit upon ordering today. The rest of the price of the kit is split into 4 payments that will be charged to your card in JULY, AUGUST, SEPTEMBER & OCTOBER. The payment will happen around the 10th of each month. Please make a note somewhere for yourself so that when the monthly payment comes through each month, you will remember what it is for. it will be called "HAZEL & PLUM PRE-ORDER KITS" payment. PAYPAL IS NOT AN OPTION FOR RECURRING PAYMENTS SUCH AS THIS ONE and you will need to pay with either a Mastercard or a Visa.

• The HAZEL & PLUM collection of fabric is scheduled to ship from the MODA warehouse in October, 2017. As soon as we receive it at Fig Tree, we will cut all the kits and get them out to you as fast as we can. Barring any unforeseen delivery problems, the kits should be on their way to you by the middle/later October.

• All INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING will be calculated at the time of shipment and charged separately [or attached to your last payment in October]. We only ship via the USPS and use their GLOBAL PRIORITY shipping exclusively.

• If during the next few months your card changes, needs a new expiration date or you need to change the # all together, please just log into your account and make the necessary changes so we can keep the charging schedule. Please stay current. We cannot make changes for you, only you can do that in your own account. If we don't have your current info, we can't charge your monthly payment and we can't guarantee the timely receipt of your kit. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU HAVE TO CHANGE THE CARD INFORMATION IN THE ORIGINAL ORDER FOR THE KIT. If you change your general account information, that will work for any orders you place that day and going forward. But it will not go "backwards" so to speak. In order to change the card on this kit order, you will need to go in and change the info on the order itself. If you have any questions or difficulties please contact our office via phone.

• If you move during the months of the pre-order kits, you need to notify us by email and/or phone of your address change. If you we do not respond, that means we did not receive it and we ask that you try again. The system will not change your address automatically even if you update your account because it sees this as an order that had already been shipped in May when you ordered. We need to manually change your shipping address in our PRE-ORDER binder. WE CANNOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOST OR MISSING KITS DUE TO ADDRESS CHANGE unless you contact us and you have confirmation that we have changed the address.

• This program is not refundable, cancelable or transferable. The first month's payment is a part of the total price of the kit. You are NOT charged anything extra for this monthly "layaway" program. It is the only way we secure and guarantee that we will have enough fabric for everyone who wants one of these Fig Tree kits! It is a wonderful deal that we hope you will take advantage of! We offer this only two times a year, along with each new collection of fabric and patterns that we release. Thanks so much for your support and business!

Joanna and Eric

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