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Frixion Felt Pen Set
Frixion Felt Pen Set

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My favorite set of (5) felt tipped Frixion pens... yes... felt tipped!! These are the ones we use for all of our marking needs.

Official description...
"FriXion Colors Marker Erasable Ink Pens. The newest innovation in marker pens lets you express yourself flawlessly and colorfully! Extra-durable point delivers vivid, bold lines available in 12 vibrant shades. Unique, thermo-sensitive ink formula disappears with erasing/heat friction. Streamlined, clip-less, roll-free design. Quick-drying ink that won’t bleed through.
Officially, "The pens are only erasable on paper, please test on fabric before using."

But I use them for all of my
marking needs and LOVE the simple, easy felt tips of these in a variety of colors. Please test on your own fabrics just in case!